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Endowed Scholarship Fund



Acknowledging the high priority of the function of the awarding scholarships, the Port Aransas Boatmen membership voted unanimously in June 1997, to establish the Port Aransas Boatmen Endowed Scholarship Fund.

The  fund has been established as a Sec. 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization.   The purpose of the fund is to build a long term restricted fund allowing  the interest and dividends to be used to fund scholarship awards.

The  PAB provided start up funding for the Endowed Scholarship Fund with a  $50,000 contribution.  Along with the initial contribution came a  commitment by the Port Aransas Boatmen
to invest funds on an annual basis to build principal.  The ultimate goal of the Port Aransas Boatmen is  to be in a position that would allow the awarding of scholarships to  any students seeking assistance in the furtherance of their education.

The  Port Aransas Boatmen continue to contribute to the fund to increase the  educational opportunities for our young people today and for  generations to come.

An Open Invitation



Educational  accessibility is the cornerstone of the Port Aransas Boatmen Endowed  Scholarship Fund.  Your contribution to the fund ensures additional  opportunities for individuals pursuing their educational goals.  Payments made to Port Aransas Endowed Scholarship Fund will be used for the charitable purposes of  that entity.

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